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Send me business specialises in providing international business with local marketing, customer relations and order fulfilment. 

My business was jet propelled in to every corner of the globe

Send Me Business was established in 2001 to help international sellers grow at a local level. It was envisaged that international online sales would grow year on year, but there was little local knowledge access to foreign clients who were trying to access local customers from the far corners of the globe.


Many clients had similar questions about logistics and customer service. What was also clear is that different cultures required different sales mediums. Send me business packaged their expertise into one box. Clients could set up a physical business address, arrange local dispatch and respond to customer queries locally.

The simple answer was a localised virtual office, staffed by locals which combined office presence, local customer and order fulfilment.

It quickly became apparent that individual countries responded to different local marketing methods and had differing customer service expectations. It is not cost-effective to have a one solution fits all approach in a competitive price-driven international environment. Therefore, marketing methods and sales care need to be adapted accordingly. Our Warsaw office is more likely to received questions about price than it is the speed of delivery. In contrast, our Singapore office is more likely to ask about product quality and provenance. While you can aim to exceed expectations in most areas, realistically, you aim to meet expectations in all areas

Understanding expectations means happy repeat customers and cost-effective marketing.

In 2020 the global markets saw the world lurch towards online sales as the only method of fulfilment. While this restricted regional physical businesses, it was vast for international business to reach local markets. We assisted existing, and new customers adapt quickly. They were able to utilise our existing local resource and supply chains to complement their current sales. As a result, our clients have increased their output by an average of 332% in 2020.

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My business was jet propelled in to every corner of the globe

Jessica Simon

Selling on Amazon, eBay and Shopify increased my reach but stretched my resources.  I started using Send me business to make sales easier and understand my customers better. Feedback satisfaction is 100%  and returns have reduced dramatically as a result. As the preferred seller on each channel Send me business has kept me three steps ahead of my competitors.

Create certainty and confidence.

Different countries have different markets and different understanding and expectations of products and services. As a result, many businesses lose a customer or drop a place in search results due to misunderstandings in translation.

Local Marketing

Send me business develop your presence at a local business level, promoting yourself on local sales channels, such as Google Business. A local presence increases sales by 232% because it reassures your customers that help and assistance are never far away.

Speak you customer's language

Feedback through channels like Google, eBay, Amazon, Feedo, ReviewPark and TrustPilot has become critical for business success. Good communication is critical to your business and its perceived value.

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Our Global client base gives you better reach.

From Shanghai to Guangzhou and Paris to New York, our clients are connected to local customer globally.

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